CADDO BAND : So Close - LP , Freddy Records 1979

Here is a captivating old vinyl from start to finish, demonstrating eclecticism, carefully crafted in 1979 by the CADDO BAND with the album title So Close. A group from a Louisiana parish whose surname is CADDO, with SHREVEPORT as its capital, originally a power trio, the CADDO BAND consisted of lead guitarist Randy "Goat" Arthur, guitarist-singer John Rivers Bicknell, drummer-singer David Shelton, joined for the album by two bassists, Pat Ringley and Gregg "Slug" Johnson, for music that mixes types in a very beautiful way, with the opening track "Bad Town" where the we find this funky soul rock groove from the bayou, a Louisiana trademark with artists like The Meters, Allen Toussaint, Dr John, Louisiana's Leroux, The Radiators, Potliquor,or currently Robert Finley who perpetuates the tradition with talent. Tracks like "The Time We Live", "Love &
Affection" and "Paying Line" chime in a way approaching the style of the excellent New Orleans group THE RADIATORS, then on the next three tracks on the side B the CADDO BAND changes tack to head south with a subtle “old Lynyrd Skynyrd” appeal affiliated with sticky country-soul music with a bayou accent with vocals dripping with soul, where guitars are queens, with tracks like “Sweet Dreamer” and “Hudie’s Song.” But more than anything the final title "Hurricane Freddy" gives a lot of emotion to this unique album of its kind. Not to leave you indifferent, here are “Hudie's Song” and “Hurricane Freddy” in all their splendor on Youtube, to possibly make you want to find this album.

- "Hudie's Song" :

- “Hurricane Freddy” :

Jacques Dersigny
Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand

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