45 tours (1985)

Face A : Droit devant Toi – Face B : Mahogany Boogie

Notice to fans of French groups who have southern rock in their sights, once recorded in the 45 rpm format, such as the cult group from Saint-Dizier/Haute-Marne BACCHUS vibrating old Skynyrd with "Le Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived" and "Double Rum" in 1982: this little-known band from the Paris region with a catchy surname, MARAUDEURS reminiscent of Blackfoot, should seduce you. Band of six musicians including three guitars, formed in 1982, unfortunately short-lived, was dissolved in 1984 at the following the death of one of the members, leaving as production this 45 rpm 2 titles published in 1985 after their separation, sung as in BACCHUS in the language of Molière by Philippe Fondaneche. The A side will surprise more than one with " Droit Devant Toi" thanks to its turn around in the spirit of Skynyrd's timeless Free Bird, propagating a good southern sensibility regarding the guitars, just like "Mahogany Boogie" which opens the B side with a strong "Southern Boogie" inclination on the very convincing slide meow.

It's worth mentioning that four members of the MARAUDERS got back into action in 2007, so far as a cover band called THANK YOU with spunky covers like Skynyrd's "Simple Man" and "Homesick " of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, for the happiness of all.

For listening to the two 45 rpm tracks, a single DIXIE ROCK radio broadcast, on DIXIE ROCK n°676
and n°748.



Jacques Dersigny

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