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The band and I are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our dear friend, Billy Powell. Billy was truly a loveable man: thoughtful, gracious and very spiritual.
We will miss his friendship and his incredible music. Rest in Peace, my friend.”

Michael Cartellone

Billy and I were best of friends for 35 years. I loved the man like a brother. We had many good times, a lot of laughter, watching the "Three Stooges" and "Old Popeye episodes" and performed MANY PHENOMENAL SHOWS TOGETHER i.e.Allen Collins Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.   He is with our other band brothers now and his longtime childhood friend and my longtime friend, Leon Wilkeson. He will be sorely missed on this earth.
In my opinion the band will never be the same without him, as he was a staple to the sound of the band and can never be replaced and I feel the same about Leon, since he left us. This has left a big whole in my heart, but I will try and fill it the with all the good memories we shared. Rest in peace my brother, as I know you are a man of God.
I know I will see you again, we will have a heavenly band.

Randall Hall
God day, or should I say, very sad day. Billy and I remained really good friends over the years since RCB & ACB, and spent some great times on & off the stage. We had common interest in outdoor recreating ...boating/fishing & camping. I will sorely miss his friendship, our  hilariious exchange of humor on every phone call. He is a great loss in my life and those of his very devoted fans. God bless and rest his joyful soul I truly loved the man and his HUGE heart. 

Derek Hess

The piano sound that was so much a part of Lynyrd Skynyrd began with their first producer Al Kooper. Billy had to work hard to reproduce what the young band and their producer had created. Initially that team raised the standard of the band's sound to a world class professionalism that didn't exist before. I know, because I heard them before and after, and the same thing happened to Doc Holliday when we were fortunate enough to be guided by Tom Allom. Billy worked hard and the results were legendary. He grew from a tiny Wurlitzer electric piano to a brilliant white grand piano. It is a lasting achievement that the stature of piano in Southern Rock will always be measured by what Billy Powell did, just as the Hammond Organ in Southern Rock belongs to
Gregg Allman. Our thoughts and prayers are with Billy's family and friends
at this most difficult time.

Bruce Brookshire

I'm very sorry to hear that Billy has passed away. He was a very nice guy and an excellent musician.
I met him during the 1992 Tour in Germany, when he was playing Beatles Songs on the piano in a hotel bar after a great
show in Stuttgart. All the people were listening and enjoyed his playing. He did it with the same enthusiasm as he has played the gig before. He touched the heart of everyone. His intro to freebird is one of the finest moments in Rock Music and will remind us eternaly of that friendly "Simple Man".

Georg Bayer of Lizard german southern rock band

"Billy Powell was without a doubt one of southern rock's greatest  
musicians. His classical training combined with a natural honky tonk  
style to make him one of a kind.Lynyrd Skynyrd can never ever be the  
same. We will miss you, brother Billy."

Michael Buffalo Smith