Satisfied (2010)

Very often, it happens that an album takes place on the list of the reviews of the month without anybody in the RTJ's editorial staff able to have an idea about what is the band or the artist, and that's a little what is happening to me with this Brandon Calhoon's album ! Well it gives a little piquancy in the exercice and then... If we know everything we'd surely have less interest and passion, would we ?

Well from the first chords of this "Satisfied", I felt that I could have a pleasant lucky draw, the love at first sight of the month (like the rock press sometimes says), even the released of this album already dates back to some times ! After some necessary "clicks" on the Net to know a minimum about the man, I learn that Brandon Calhoon comes from Beaverton (Michigan) and that his musical tastes are moving between Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC passing each time by the Stones. Well there's no trick as in fact the atmospheres under Stones influences of the Black Crowes show up completly from this album. Speaking about Skynyrd it's surely not so close, but so many people like to name this band as an influence that we won't hold it against him ! Spoted in 2008 with the former album "Detroit City" in which in particular he made the cover of "Rock’n Roll All Nite" (Kiss)... Anyway on tunes like "Motor Bike", ''Common Ground" or "Satisfied", it would be very difficult not to have a musical thought to the Robinson brothers and to the Black Crowes music ! So when we spot all the different informations that we collected here and there on the Net, we can't be completely sure that Brandon Calhoon leads a carreer to the full... But we can be sure of something, and it's that to put this album between our two ears can't be a wrong thing.... Anyway, that's what I felt !

John Molet

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