Songs From The Road Live Yokohama et Sendai


Monji Kadowaki - vocals
Toshihiro Sumitomo - guitar
Yoshihiro Ogasawara - bass
Taizou Takafuji - drums
Taro Takagi - drums & percussion


At Sendai

1 - Out In The Rain - 5:56
2 - All The Love - 4:28
3 - To The Higher Ground - 9:29
4 - Low Down Blues - 5:00
5 - Give It One Good Try - 6:12
6 - Winding Road - 4:47
7 - Sun Going Down - 9:06
8 - Getting Closer - 4:55

At Yokohama

1 - Highway Man
2 - Sanctuary
3 - Waste of Time
4 - Blue Bird
5 - Sun Going Down
6 - Change The World in Me
7 - Can’t Fight The Blues
8 - Brother to Brother
9 - Give it One Good Try

At the starting point and to be straight, I would say that I didn't really understood when Savoy Truffle ceased to exist as a band, and when the musician became then the Bluestone & Co backing the american bluesman Chris Duarte. Well, of course they surely were some legitimatereasons, but if I only take music for reference, without underestimate not in the least the value of the texan bluesman, my opinion is that Savoy Truffle has much more obvious reasons to exister with its own name and I have to admit that this come back really pleases me. We have to remember the hyper positive impact of this band's arrival and of its first album in 1998... A lot of d'atmospheres similar to the great era of Gov't Mule gave them an almost sudden fame, and the guitarist Toshihiro Sumitomo became quickly a well respected picker in the Southern Rock's little world !

From the first chords of "Highway Man" on the Live in Yokohama, we are reassured : Savoy Truflle didn't loose any of its qualities, I even would say that perhaps its energy increased... Wouahh what a punch !

The Toshiro's slide guitar parts are still magnificent (''Can't Fight The Blues'') and sometimes we almost feel like hearing Derek Trucks ( "Give It One Good Try" ), Yoshihiro Ogasahara's bass is totally phenomenal (''Change The World In Me'')... Shortly, absolutly nothing to throw into the garbage can in this Live, and not less on the Live in Sendai that starts with "Out In The Rain"... (oh la la the thrills), it remains inevitably the greatest moments of Gov't Mule with Allen Woody ! Two inseparables Live CD's so much there is super good stuff in each of those two albums !

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