Live from BJCC, Birmingham, AL, 15 April 2011
(on Charlie Daniels Band website)


Charlie Daniels, Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Bruce Brown, Guitar, Vocals
Taz DiGregorio, Keyboard, Vocals
Charlie Hayward, Bass Guitar
Pat McDonald, Drums, Percussion
Chris Wormer, Guitar, Vocals


1 Notte Pericolosa
2 Redneck Fiddlin’ Man
3 Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye
4 Legend of Wooley Swamp
5 Saddletramp
6 (What The World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks
7 Birmingham Blues
8 Long Haired Country Boys
9 Black Ice
10 Amazing Grace
11 The Devil Went Down to Georgia

The crazy incredible voice we could hear on "No Potion For The Pen", on the1980 Full Moon album, is gone for ever now. Back luck for Southern Rock ! We sure miss Taz Di Gregorio, as we can see him on this DVD caught live in Birmingham, Alabama, April 2011 the 15th, this sad year that saw the death of Tommy Crain. Charlie must be really sad, even if his fingers always go fast on his Gibson, his voice so powerful, his violin dance on the 11 songs of this great DVD, with the unforgettable « Redneck Fiddlin’ Man », « Saddle Tramp », « Long Haired Country Boy », « The Devil Went Down to Georgia » and a magic « Birmingham Blues », rarely played but they were in Birmingham this evening. The three guitar association Daniels/Brown/Wormer is at his best on that song, born in 1975 on the Nightriders album, close to the Allman Bros and Di Gregorio at his best with his true B3. Just note a lyric instrumental song "Mambo Latino Blackeyes", which was unknown to me. That's why you do need this incredible musical testimony, the only way to fill our pain with music and in the memory of the great Joel Taz Di Gregorio.

Jacques Dersigny

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