Same (2011)

Musicians :

Andy Ross, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Slide, Lap Steel, Dobro, Vocals
Michael LuBecke, Bass, Vocals, Guitar
J.D. King, Electric Guitar, Slide, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Akai, Drums, Percussion


1 Hogtown
2 Whisper
3 Salvation
4 Send Me Back
5 Mexko
6 Helpless
7 Cahoots

Ten years after the two great parts of nowadays Southern Rock, Turbulences and Thunder, and Bound to Shine in the Allman Bros style, Eat A Peach is back today with this auto-production called Hogtown Packing Co, only seven titles on this Pig head label. However a choice must be done in these songs. The two first songs, especially the instrumental "Whisper", just look like the classical Eat A Peach. Then comes "Salvation", with its stoner rhythm, and the roots "Send Me back", intro dobro before a very nice guitar part. Then we get the funny "Mexico" and "Helpless" with its Dickey Betts sound of guitar, a little bit of rap in the middle of the song, and hopefully some great guitar parts at the end. This last song is, for me, the best of the album with "Send Me back". Finally this album ends with the hillbilly rock "Cahoots". Let's hope that these proud Illinois warriors don't wait ten years again to come back !

Jacques Dersigny

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