The Light of A New Sun (2011)


1 Think of Myself
2 Wheels of Time
3 Living on Highway
4 The Light of a New Sun
5 Sweet and Wild
6 Islands
7 Nashville Nights
8 California Sunset
9 White Soldier
10 Fallen Angel
11 A Place in the Sun

Here is a real pleasant album that is done for the pleasure of my ears! So, what about this Italian Latin lover with his Ray Ban ? Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the Cavaliere JC Cinel, with his special music, West Coast, Americana, Funky, Southern Rock on "Sweet And Wild", with the boogie "Nashville Night". The better song is the funky "White Soldier" close to Rufus Thomas and Eddie Floyd "The Breakdown", with a famous cover by the Californian band Ocean in 1975. Many things with JC Cinel are burnt in the California sun, just like Joe Walsh and Joe Vitale solo albums, on songs such as « Living On A Highway ». « Islands », « California Sunset », et « Fallen Angel » are perfect for the sunset with a Tequila on the Rocks.

Jacques Dersigny

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