Cut From the Same Cloth ( 2010 )

It's a long time that we wait for that album, and the small pieces we could listen on Jimmie's website just made us impatient to know about this "Cut From The Same Cloth". Unfortunately no promo and only a specialized blog allowed us to get it, so we could enjoy this recording, and it really worth to wait!

So, even if we could have preferred to get that album when it was issued (more than a year ago), we just can say that we here have a piece of quality, and sometimes surprising!

This album is a real higher level than what Jimmie Van Zant already offered us in the past, and especially in the live recordings. When we listen to those great recordings, we just can dream to a great artistic production, so he can play it live close to what he had recorded. This album is for me one of the best of this year. It begins with "All The Love", a high musical level song, in the interpretation and in the production. When we listen to the different instruments (violin, guitars, choir…) we understand that we get here a real good product!

"She Stays" is one of the most beautiful song of the album, a wonderful ballad, close to what the 'uncles' Donnie and Johnny have already done in their Van Zant solo albums. However, when I listen to "She Stays" introduction, I find it close to the Brothers' "Help Me Somebody". So, you understand we just can admire the way Jimmie sings on this album, that's how I enjoy the Southern productions! When we listen to the other songs, great such as "On A Roll", "He Made A Man Out Of Me" or the extraordinary "Rollin" (with Charlie Graig), with the wonderful backing vocals parts, we understand the importance of Jimmie's wife, Zohra, in this realisation!

That's why I honestly think that people who did enjoy the Van Zants' albums will sure enjoy the nephew CD! So now… where can we find it ? You sure need patience and persuasion, but you can find it..; and it worth it !

John Molet

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