Dixie Lullabies (2011)

Kentucky Headhunters is a famous and true Country Boogie Rock band. This group, born at the end of the eighties, created by the Young brothers sure deserves a bigger fame with all the work they have done in the last twenty years…but however they are not the only musicians who really deserve it!

At their beginning, they were more in a Bluegrass spirit, but Rock and Boogie fast arrived and became their main influences, and we just can think now that they were right. This new album, about the tenth, follows the excellent "Soul" (2003), "Big Boss Man" (2005) and "Flying under the radar" (2006). As soon as begin the first song, we recognize the Kentucky Headhunters spirit. Boogie is in their veins since their Norman Greeenbaum "Spirit In The Sky" cover on the album "Still Pickin'", and that's why Greg Martin and Co begin with "Bone's Farm Boogie", in the same way than "Spirit In The Sky". There's a great slide guitar feeling on that song, and it's really their best style. Just after, there are some good Country Rock "Dixie Lullaby", "Little Angel" or the really Rolling Stones clone "Tumblin' Roses"! In my own opinion, I prefer the titles "Great Acoustics" and "LesPaul Standard" (original title…isn't it?! ), but however, the most important thing to know is that it is a really good album from the Kentucky Headhunters. Don't miss it!

John Molet

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