Rebels on the Run  (2011)


Adam Shoenfeld - guitar & slide guitar
Angela Hacker - background vocals
Greg Morrow - drums
Ilya Toshinsky - banjo, bouzouki & guitar
Jason Mowery - fiddle
Jimmie Sloas - bass
Mike Johnson - lap steel guitar
Perry Coleman - background vocals
Rich Redmond - percussion
Rob McNelley - guitar
Shalacy Griffin - background vocals
Tony Harrell - Hammond B3, piano & Wurlitzer


01 - Damn Right I Am - 3:29
02 - Ain't No Law Against That - 3:08
03 - Damn Baby - 2:49
04 - Empty - 3:25
05 - Where I Come From - 3:21
06 - I Like Those People - 3:40
07 - Rebels On The Run - 4:06
08 - Simple Things - 2:56
09 - Missing You - 3:22
10 - So Called Life - 2:56
11 - Work Hard, Play Harder - 3:09

It's obvious that, since they have meet Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Crossroad show in 2007, Montgomery and Gentry are more in a Southern way than in the Country Rock style. "Rebel On The Run", the title of this album, is just a proof of that.

So, even is we are still in a country atmosphere, as soon as begin this record we can feel that there's been an evolution in their music, in particular in the lyrics close to the real South values. Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry say what they want to do it in their music! First, on "Damn Right I Am" we are directly in the subject, just like Lynyrd "Gods And Guns". Lyrics talk about the American fascination for the guns and rifles, "If you touch my family I take my gun". So Montgomery and Gentry use this king of message in their lyrics.

So I prefer to note the guitar duet…A great one ! Back on "Ain't No Law Against That" a real Lynyrd Skynyrd song ! A really good Rock n' Roll song well sung by Eddie Montgomery with a pedal steel guitar. One of the best songs of the album! So we just can confirm that this "Rebels On The Run" is one of the best Montgomery and Gentry album. I just come back to listen to the nice "Simple Things"!

John Molet

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