Same ( 2011 )

After the official disbanding of the famous duet Brooks and Dunn, the two guys have followed their musical way, and that’s why today Ronnie Dunn first solo album arrives. First, it is made in the same musical spirit, a little bit more Rock and less clean than the R&D productions.

First, with the well named "Singer In A Cowboy Band" brings us back to a stronger Rock than before, with a John Fogerty style intro. Then, there's a nice ballad ("I Don't Dance") where Ronnie special voice gives a special relief to the song. Guitars seem freer than before, and it's better ! Same thing for "You Kind Of Love" that confirms that only few Country Rock singers can sing that way!

Back on Mexico roads on "How Far To Waco" and back to the heavy Rock with "Let The Cowboy Rock", a great heavy rock that smells good sweat and Bourbon! That's heavy rock!But Ronnie has been famous with great ballads, like the famous "I Believe", and that's why we find here some really beautiful musical pearls such as "I Can't Help Myself", "Bleed Red", and the motive "Last Love I'll Tryin'" where Ronnie shows how gifted he is!So, at the end, nothing really new but for those who did enjoy Brooke and Dunn, I imagine they sure enjoy this album. And they are right!

John Molet

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