What a Sound ? (2011)

Musicians :

Michal Zvanicek : Lead Vocals, Guitar
Andrea Aja Tousova : Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals in What To Do, Keyboards
Sylva Zvonickova : Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals in Different Way
Petr Smutny : Guitar, Acoustic, Guitar
Radan Raduz Jares : Bass Guitar
Vlastimil Moutelik : Drums, Harmonica
Milan Katt : Percussion


01 Light is My Life
02 Biker Babe
03 I Don’t Try Anymore
04 What to Do
05 Just First Night
06 Lay Me Down
07 In Love Again
08 Different Way
09 What a Sound
10 Sweet Pain (bonus)

Something has change in the East of Europe. After the great Almous Famous from Germany, here's another great one from the Czech Republic, a hard heavy southern rock band with a good production, just for our pleasure. Sweet Pain sings in English, with a musician from Ohniva Voda, Petr Smutny on guitar, and two beautiful female vocalists. This album first songs "Light Is My Fire" and "Biker Babe" look like Molly Hatchet, then a rural "I Don't Try Anymore", before a violent "What To Do", "Just First Night" and "Lay Me Down". Then we get a quieter moment on "In Love Again" and on the ballad "Different Way" in an old-fashioned way. At the end the song "What A Sound", a real good one with the two ladies voices in an enchanted moment that goes on the bonus song "Sweet Pain".

Jacques Dersigny

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