Cocked (August 2010)


01-Blacktop Therapy
02-The Money Man
03-Cocked And Loaded
04-Last Of The Real Men
05-Let It Go
06-Bar Room Zombies
07-Broken Wheel
08-I Like Me
09-Rebel Again
10-Miles Of Dirty Road


Jimmy Lamson - guitars, vocals
Jamie Adams - guitars, vocals
Matthew Adams - vocals, bass
Anthony Heiter - drums
Julie Adams – violin

Southern Rock seems to be at the top nowadays out of the South. After the Canadian Three Engine Train, and Arizona's Hogjaw, here is a band from Indianapolis. Why not ? Here on this website, we are just sure that the most important is the feeling, not the State of origin. These Roosters have a particularity, a female violinist, but for Charlie Daniels fans, don't be happy, she just appears on this record last song, a solo on a ballad. But she's really present on stage, maybe she has just arrived in the band.

On the other way, we just have here a real male music, as you can see on their videos on Youtube. Matthew Adams, bass player and singer, has an agreeable voice that fits at this music style, a mid-tempo rock (with the exception of the heavy-boogie "Rebel Again" and the funky "I Like Me Rock") with good influences and good guitar parts played by his brother Jamie and his friend Jimmy. We find here a melting pot of Country, Hard Blues, Rock n' Roll, and we can listen to a tribute to "Tuesday's Gone" on "Last Of The Real Man", and to "Free Bird" on "Cocked And Loaded". There also are real good songs with great guitar parts, on true South atmospheres, like on "Bar Room Zombies", so we can feel that the link to the South is here real. Real guitar die-hard fans will sure enjoy this record, and these Indiana young musicians offer us here a good album full of promises that makes us hope a real good one later. This album really worth to pay attention, and we wait for these North musicians that play Southern music next recordings.

Y. Philippot-Degand

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