Boom  (2011)

Here's a good musician unfortunately not really known in our Classic and Southern Rock Music, even if he plays for a long time with world famous musicians (Buddy Guy, George Thorogood, Gretchen Wilson, Billy Ray Cirus, etc...). Tom Hambridge is an important American songwriter, he already has written songs such as "Sweet Mama" (for Skynyrd) or "Things I Miss The Most" (for Van Zant). That's why we can understand that he's nowadays with Rickey Medlocke and Johnny Van Zant writing the future Skynyrd album titles !

But Tom Hambridge is not only a songwriter, he's a good rocker too. If you have seen on the Simple Man Cruise, you can testify of that !

And we get here his new album. Like he used to do, we travel in his main influences, Rock, Blues and Boogie, and he does it very well ! I really enjoyed 2009 "BoogieMan" and the 2007 "Live Ant The Rattlesnakes" we could listen on the Simple Man Cruise. With "Boom", Tom Hambridge is back to his Blues roots, maybe because he's just worked with Buddy Guy. However it's a remarkable album !

Great songs such as "I Keep Things", "Two Thumbs", "I Had A Real Good Time", etc... make of this album an indispensable record to get in a Classic and Blues collection !

Good Rockin' Tom !

John Molet

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