EP (2012)

Titles :
1 Delilah
2 Feather In The Breeze
3 The Light
4 Supersonic

Big Hat has been famous in 2012 when Robert Kearns has announced he was leaving Lynyrd Skynyrd. Obviously everybody was wondering why did he do this and where will he now join to play. After some months, we have learnt that the ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd bass player has joined some friends in a band called Big Hat. His friends are famous musicians too and well known in the Southern Rock world. Just name the very good guitar player Audley Freed (ex-Cry of Love and Black Crowes) and the gifted Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, etc...). Don't forget the great guitarist Keith Gattis, the excellent drummer Fred Eltringham and Ike Stubblefield on keyboards, so we just can imagine that we get here a good band. And that's exactly what we get here on this EP album… So, only four songs, it's too light, even if we can imagine that the musicians wanted to be sure of their production before doing a full album. However, these four songs prove that we get her an upper class rock band. First, on "Delilah" we know where we are : riffs are hard, vocals are rock and choruses in double leads… It's the same on "Feather In The Breeze" that looks like the early Black Crowes. Then we get a nice cool song "The Light" and back to the heavy sound on "Supersonic", a "fuckin' rock n' roll" as they say. But it's already over…
So, let's cross fingers and hope that Big Hat gives us a real and great album and join his place inside
the Southern Rock family.
John Molet

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