Creole Shoes (2013)

Titles :
1 - Was It Enough
2 - John Lennon
3 - Wildman
4 - Just Like Abraham
5 - Creole Shoes
6 - Elmer's Glue
7 - Betty's Got Her Mojo Back
8 - The Book Of Mathieu
9 - At War With The World
10 - Something To Say
11 - Starfish
12 - Mary America

The Outlaws leader Billy Crain is back with his second solo album, after the excellent Skeletons in The Closet in 2010. Creole Shoes is full of good feelings, inspired by his trip in Haïti. Billy always has is great voiced and his emotional guitar in a Country Folk Americana melting pot where it's a little bit hard to talk about each song. First, the cd begins with "Was It Enough" that looks like John Popper's Blues Travellers with its harmonica intro. But the best songs on the album are the two tributes : John Lennon, on the song of the same name- sung like Bob Dylan with great guitar parts, and the second tribute to his brother Tom on the instrumental Wildman, Tommy Crain's nickname. This great instrumental song shows an incredible feeling and how Billy Crain can play his instrument and how he's a southern rocker and a great songwriter that deserves our respect.
Jacques Dersigny

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