Five (2013)

Steve Grisham - guitar & vocals
Jimmy Sexton - guitar
Barry Rapp - keyboards & vocals
Phil Strokes - bass & vocals
Pug Baker – drums

Additional musicians :
Justin McCorkle - drums
Mark Lockheart - bass
Charles Harrison - bass
Dave Challenger - drums
Dave Muse - flute
Bret Wadams – drums

01 - Play For Me - 4:02
02 - Gettin' My Love - 4:07
03 - Cajun Jesus - 3:53
04 - Gone With The Wind - 5:14
05 - Own This Town - 4:03
06 - Long Live Southern Rock - 3:20
07 - Mr. Manager - 4:23
08 - Money Magnet - 3:42
09 - Fried Chicken Baby - 2:44
10 - My Sweet Papa - 4:24
11 - Won't Let You Down - 4:47
12 - I Pitty The Fool - 4:08
13 - An Act Of Murder - 5:58
14 - You're Here - 3:43

Ghost Rider sis actually one of the best Southern Rock music band, and unfortunately it has not as famous as it should be. A little bit just like Blackberry Smoke, this group is like the great Southern ones, but people still don't know how great they are. It's incredible that this marvellous band is not known when you listen to its musical qualities. Musicians such as Steve Grisham (ex-Outlaws), Barry Rapp (ex-Henry Paul Band) or Jimmy Sexton on guitar deserve to get a better fame. Unfortunately, quality is not always the best way to be famous as we could hope, and Ghost Riders get that problem. However, this band always creates remarkable albums and it's still the same with this fifth realisation! First, "Play For Me", a wonderful song created by the unforgettable George McCorckle (Marshall Tucker Band). This song that already was on the Brothers of Southland album, co-written by Steve Grisham, gets a good new version. The second one "Getting' My Love" is an efficient Classic Rock song. Sound is great, and it's essential. Next is "Cajun Jesus" that looks just like Otis Rush "All Your Love", with a change of beat, that prove that Ghost Riders can have many different influences, just like on "Gone With The Wind". A great moment in this album can be heard on "Long Live Southern Rock" that includes all the Southern Rock stuff, in the words and in the music. This song is right in the spirit of the South. There also are other good songs, such as "Fried Chicken Baby" or "Mr Manager" (whose vocals look like Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers").
So, you can understand I've really enjoyed that album and I recommend it to all the Southern Rock fans!
John Molet

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