Where I’m From (2012)

We already told you in 2011 about the 4-song-EP of the Southern Experience band that let's expect good things, so here we are with this Where I'm From, with The ex-Marshall Tucker band Tim Lawter and Rusty Milner to product and master, and as the final gift Paul Hornsby on the piano and orgna on three songs. What a consecration for this North Carolina young band to be able to play with these legends. The bass player Ron Humphries must be proud of his son Jon, on the drums, of Scott Saunders on the guitar and vocals, and the sharp guitar player JT Fitch. First song is "Bath Time", made with radio sounds and many famous southern standards in which can be heard MTB's "Can't You See". After that short moment, place to the heavy rock on "Where I'm From" and on "Make Me Or Break Me". After this musical storm, back to the excellent "Could Be Better", a great moment in this record close to the Marshall Tucker Band. Then, the mid-tempo "Fight The Fight", crawling swamp song with a great Scott Saunders on vocals. Great southern boogie on "You Know", then it's soul time on "Take It Slow" with the magical Paul Hornsby piano and a great guitar moment. "You And Me" looks a little bit like Chris Hicks Loosse Change era, then the world famous Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", and a soul meting pot on "Red Hidding Hood", just like the Royal Southern Brotherhood plays, to ends with a classical Rock n' Roll "Rockin' It Out". Let's just say that ther is an a hidden acoustical song, and we can finish in saying that this record is done for people who are open to différent styles of music. So that's why I think this cd can be listen again and again.
Jacques Dersigny

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