Faith Pride & Justice (2013)


Steve Feldman, Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Johnny Barnes, Lead & Rhythm, Slide Guitar

Johnny Travers, Lead, Rhythm Guitar

Scott Taylor, Bass Guitar

Greg Stevens, Drums

Titles :

01 Faith Pride

02 Tail Lights

03 Dead Man’s Hand

04 Hornets Nest

05 Runaway Train

06 Highway Ryder

07 Free

08 Back Nine

09 Alabama

10 Sky High

When we give a look at the five musicians on the sleeve, we can figure that the battle will be hard. We have no choice, it sure will be great. Johnny Barnes and Johnny Travers -ex-regulators- are present. Johnny Barnes played with Smith & Wesson and then was the founder of the Regulators that made a great first album in 1992. Johnny Travers arrived in the Regulators for the second album 'Above the Law' in 2002, reissue of 1998 'Bar & Grill' with Gary Jeffries on vocals. Highway Riders with Steve Feldman -ex-Iron Butterfly- on vocals and organ, a great rhythm section with Scott Taylor/bass and Greg Stevens/drums, and two famous guitar players Barnes and Travers. The album begins with "Faith Pride & Justice" close to Grand Funk Railroad "We're an American Band". "Tail Lights" and "Dead Man's Band" look like Molly Hatchet, great slide guitar on "Hornets Nest", a quiet moment on the excellent "Runaway Train" enjoyed for everyone who's close to the German Moderate Pace, heavy Southern Boogie on "Highway Ryder", a Skynyrd moment on "Free", and this album ends with three incredible Southern Rock moments : "Back Nine", "Alabama" and "Sky High" that give us the will to buy this great Highway Riders album.

Jacques Dersigny

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