Delta Breeze (2013)

Musicians :

Joe Skinner :Washboard
Gary Ferguson : Drums
Dan Walters : Bass
Les Dudek : Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Titles :

01. Chaos
02. Delta Breeze
03. High On The Water
04. Wide Open In The Wind
05. I Told You That
06. Time Will Tell
07. One White Lie
08. Take My Money
09. Trouble With The Law
10. Take
11. These Are The Good Old Days

With this nice album, Les Dudek is back and is still alive and well! Don't stop at the first instrumental funky song "Chaos", begin the following songs deserve our attention. First we get a great funky song full of guitars, a little bit just like a musical tornado. And each song is different and takes us to some great places. So we can find Allman Brothers moments where Les if brilliant with his bottleneck : «  High On The Water », «  Wide Open In The Wind », hymn to the bikes with a great solo, or «  One White Lie » intro can remind us of the ABB. On "One While Lies" we can hesitate between the ABB of the Outlaws, but the end of that song is closer to Wishbone Ash. "These Are The Good Old Days" the final song looks like the Outlaws, a song full of acoustic guitars, and the hard FM "Take" is closer to .38 Special. "Trouble With The Law", a great Texan boogie, reminds us of Johnny Winter, Stevie ray, ZZ Top and Point Blank, a real hurricane with a great harmonica part. Just after, back to Louisiana on "Take My Money" in the Cajun country, and then let's go to California on "Time Will Tell". So you can understand that this album is a kind of travel on the roads of the South and is a perfect happiness for our ears. We are happy to find back our friend in a great shape after a too long eclipse. Great job, mister Les Dudek!

Yves Philippot-Degand

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