Hot As a Fox In A Forest Fire (2013)

Are women more brave than men? Because they have the courage to play Skynyrd covers without any mistake. This Rock n' Roll/Blues/Country alchemy has already made many disapointments. I honestly think that the best covers have been published in 1994 on "Skynyrd Frynds" with so many stars, the best one was Wynonna Judd's "Free Bird". No "Free Bird" on that Lynette Skynyrd record with its six LA Californian cowgirls. They start in a heavy way with "On The Hunt", "Poison Whiskey", "That Smell" and "Whiskey Rock n' Roller", but they can play softly too on "Travelin' Man" where Laury Es on vocals is close to Ronnie and where Cathy Lauer on slide guitar gives us a good demonstration, just as Diane Brownson on keyboards. The result of their efforts is really good, because their covers can offer a part of improvisation. Congratulation ladies!

Jacques Dersigny

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