Same (2013)

Soundstruck comes from this Southern bands' new generation, but don't come from the USA, Germany, Italy, France, but from Greece!

We could imagine they come from Athens in Georgia, but no, they really come from Greece in Europe.
So, are they South Rock Approved?

Yes, they are! Even if their first songs are close to some famous Australian bands, such as "Straight To Hell" followed by "God Damned" even speeder and pushed by the drums.

With "High", they are closer of the Southern way, they remind us of the fabulous band Tangier.

And it's obvious on "On The Run", Blackfoot's song: the intro, the sound, the slow rhythm, the guitar sound,
the voice, the choruses… great song!

Next is "Take It Easy" with a swamp intro, a good tempo, another great song.

"Sweet Little Babe" is slower, acoustic intro, light swing before the speed of the guitars, and then "Ride On" looks like the first Molly Hatchet cds.

"Feels Like Home" is close to Skynyrd, "1991" era, and "Goliath" is the last song of this self-produced album,
with a bayou intro and a fast final.

A real great album, a new band to follow that knows his references and that proves that Southern Rock
is not dead and that its survival will come from new bands from anywhere in the world.

Christophe Marquis

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