Absurde (2013)

Titles  :
01 Absurde
02 J’attends
03 L’empire du ‘’Je’’
04 Ca me fait tout drôle
05 Là-Bas
06 Jeremiah
07 J’avais tant
08 Tu le sais
09 Ton souffle
10 Virtuel des crans
11 Stetson Blanc
12 Andalusia Dream

In 2008, the album «  Rien n'est joué  » spoiled us, but this time Christophe Marquilly increases the potentiometer, and spits his Valda with aggressiveness, in association with chiselled lyrics, a conscientious work on the twelve titles that the album contains. The start occurs by the eponymous title «  Absurde  » that hurtles off in a jerky way with rhythm section that smashes badly, just like on the punchy «  J'attends  », a true success that tickles well the encephalon. «  L'empire du je  » arrives, breathtaking boogie with an harmonica that gives the tempo. «  Ça me fait tout drôle  » in a studio version comes from the live album of Stocks, then we move on to good Country Blues with «  Là bas  », and to an ode to the nature and to the freedom with «  Jeremiah  », tribute to the real story of a trapper immortalised in the cinema by Robert Redford in the film Jeremiah Johnson of Sydney Pollack in 1972. «  J'avais tant  » is a tune the slighest bit Southern. The rest goes on in a more quiet atmosphere to assail again with some Topian riffs with a memorable «  Stetson Blues  » that remains to our memories the spirited live from 1982 of the Northern power trio Stocks. The polishing up is made by a latino touch on the instrumental «  Andalusia Dream  » that makes us want to drink a little «  free-Cuba  » (other name for a «  Rum and Coke  », N.dT.) to the musical health of Christophe.
Don't miss the opportunity offered by this very good album where the ethics of the true rock'n roll is appropriate.

Jacques Dersigny
Translation  : Y. Philippot-Degand


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