Blues With Friends (2013-Big Shew Records)

Titles  :
01 - Too Much Trouble
02 - Pork Chop Blues
03 - Night Ride
04 - Coming Home Today
05 - Don't Want To Wait
06 - Bottle Hymn Of The Republic
07 - Trouble With Love
08 - It's Crying Time
09 - Wait A Minute
10 - Rick's Shuffle

Ira Stanley - lead & slide guitar, vocals
Steve Benson - drums, percussion & vocals
Tony Paulus - keyboards, guitar & vocals
Mike Rousculp - bass & vocals
Steve Williams - keyboards & vocals

Additional musicians :
Lee Roy Parnell - guitar
Jack Pearson - guitar
Etta Britt - vocals
Scotty Bratcher - guitar
Lee Swisher - guitar
Stacey Stanley - keyboards
Dan Connaughton - bass
Larry Vest - bass & vocals
Toni Vest - vocals
Dave Benson - vocals
Michael Losekamp - vocals
Gary King - trombone
Michael Greene - baritone sax
Matt Quinn - saxophone
Brady Hagen – trumpet

Very influenced by the Allman Brothers, this blues band from Ohio DIXIE PEACH, formed in the early seventies, has the charasteristic of having released in 1975 a very sought after LP within a wonderful instrumental version of «  The Good, The Bad & The Ugly  » of Ennio Morricone, namely more than eight minutes played in a jazzy Allmanian groove. We also find on this vinyl disc «  Out of Money (Out of Gas)  » where the slide guitare of Ira Stanley covers the listener with its benefits. This title was re-recorded for the release of the second album in digital version in 2002 which name was BUTTA, with an identical cover to the 1975 microgroove and moreover the same sound team of musicians, the guitarists Ira Stanley and Tony Paulus, Steve Williams on keyboards and vocals, James M. Rousculp on bass, and a newbie on drums Steve Benson. We find them again for our greatest pleasure on this Blues With Friends quite hot where the band puts on the great spread with famous guests like Jack Pearson and Lee Roy Parnell for a Blues chic and high class. The most «  full on  » in this CD shows off right from the beginning on «  Too Much Trouble  » and «  Pork Chop Blues  », and «  Night Ride  » that remains me the brilliant album of Nick Hall & the Blues Healers released in 2004 with Tony Paulus, some good Country Blues with a smidgin of dobro that invigorates himself at the middle of the path on «  Coming Home Today  », some Blues Gospel with «  Don't Want to Wait  » with Etta Britt's soul voice and Lee Roy Parnell' slide in a very Paul Barrere tone. We arrive at the instrumental «  Bottle Hymn of The Republic  » but I prefer to it its fellow «  Rick's Shuffle  » at the end of the album where Ira Stanley resuscitates Duane Allman's ghost. Now the conclusion is simple, this splendid Blues album full of panache doesn't wait anybody but you.

Jacques Dersigny
Translation  : Y. Philippot-Degand


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