If It Ain't Broke (2013)

Jonboat Jones - guitar & vocals
Kreg Self - lead guitar
Elvis D – bass
Kwall - drums & vocals

01 - One More Little One
02 - Built My Prize
03 - Am I Wrong?
04 - Shinny Brass
05 - Cold Ded Fingers
06 - The Wolf part I
07 - The Wolf part II
08 - Devil's Eyes
09 - '83
10 - Beer Guzzlin' Merican

The Arizona freaks of Hogjaw come back for a fourth album with a varied register. Of course their credo goes to a high energy full of volts hard Southern Rock well in tune with the present time, but our four robust fellows also know how to command respect with a music that ventures in the depths of an old school Southern Rock that was really present in their former opus Sons of The Western Skies. With the long sequence «  Look to The Sky  » and «  Everyone Goin’ Fishin’  » whose sax part gave a pleasant surprise to the old Southern rockers as model, this If It Ain’t  Broke differs by a more classical but not without interest stature, with an all-out attack opening on «  One More Little One  » which is a swinging boogie in a line close to Steve Gaines' «  I Know a Little  », but more winged, where Kreg Self's guitar expresses itself without any restraint. «  Built My Prize  » and «  Am I Wrong  » sound like authentic Hogjaw with a perfect guitars' flight on «  Am  I Wrong  » that makes of it one of the primordial pieces of the CD with the jewel of the album, «  Shiny Brass  », some excellent progressive hard Southern Rock. I think that the members of Hogjaw know ASHBURY, the brothers Randy et Rob Davis' band that is also from Tucson Arizona, and its 1983 vintage album Endless Skies because this «  Shiny Brass  » clearly pitches to this musical side, but of course in a more biting way, a progressive sound that we also find in the long daring sequences and in an infrequent style in the Southern Rock especially the part 2 of The Wolf (The Wolf Part 1 & 2) that will throw the typical Southern rocker, but don't worry, Hogjaw cranks again a notch with some very thick, some coarse that dirties on the three furious hard southern boogie titles namely «  Devil's Eyes  », «  '83  », «  Beer Guzzlin 'Merican  » that conclude this sparkling washer.

Jacques Dersigny
Translation  : Y. Philippot-Degand

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