Temporary Happiness (2013)

ANTHONY BASSO - Guitar & Lead Vocal
FABIO DRUSIN - Bass & Lead Vocal

01. Temporary Happiness -
02. Sun Shines Through The Rain -
03. More Than Myself -
04. Dreaming My Life Away -
05. Social Paranoia -
06. Waiting For The Next Friday -
07. Stand For Your Brother -
08. The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life -
09. The Lonely Place Inside -
10. Born To Ride -
11. In The Winter Time.

Only good memories coming back in my mind as I put this hot pizza (a Breton galette for the more celtic amongst you) in my CD player (thermostat 8 during more than 70 minutes). Well, it's not the first time that W.I.N.D. enearthes me a smile like «  can I take another spoonful  ?  ». We know that you can taste the spiritual food even reheated and if W.I.N.D. don't revolutionize the Southern Rock, its.. jam (!) is all the same delicious and always falls on the right side. Flirting from the beginning with Soul Music, «  Temporary Happiness  » makes us mouth water. We feel that we haven't to deal with a highway snack but more with little chefs lusting after the star. «  Sun Shines Through The Rain  » comes back immediatly to the traditional cooking, in a sauce Allman style and Gov't Mulian jam and it's spiced  ! The drums hit heavier and the guitars are more full-bodied. As it follows naturally, the dishes segue into one another with brio, without hesitating to bring out the horns in «  Stand For Your Brother  » so that the bluesy ballad «  The Lonely Place Inside  » is then more digestible. The album is offering a wealth of flavours and served with a very clean production without smoothing the rough edges. «  Temporary happiness  » is once again an excellent Italian cru that won't disappoint the amateurs of South. Don't hesitate to make a detour even if the restaurant isn't on all the maps.
Road to Jacksonville is here to advise you isn't it ?

Boucher Hervé
Translation  : Y. Philippot-Degand

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