13 Hours (2013)

Titles :

1 Got a tattoo
2 Down In The Mine
3 Monley House
4 Comin’ Home To You
5 This Is Life
6 MoonShine
7 Ilithia
8 Keep The Weight Off Your Back
9 First Step In The Wrong Direction
10 Don’t Be Late
11 Careless Son
12 Slow Train
13 Let Love Remain

This Achilles Wheel first album is a revelation. This band from North Carolina has two guitarists Jonny "Mojo"Flores and Paul Kamm, Marty Holland on the bass guitar and two drummers, just like the Allman Bros, Gary Campus and Mark McCartney. The main point of their music is the enthusiasm of the two guitars, close to Jerry Garcia, John Cipollina or Dickey Betts, and the quality of the thirteen songs where some are close to the sublime just like the long "This Is Life" with its guitar duets. "Ilithia" is quiet and charming, "Careless Son" is played in a kind of reggae way, and country Bluegrass on "Comin' Home to you". We also get some hard Country Rock on "Down in the Mine" and "Keep the Weight of your Back", two songs that every Blackberry Smoke fan should enjoy. Don't miss that album, recorded live in their home at Nevada City where the sound magic is present on that great album.

For fans that enjoy the West Coast side with Southern moments close to the Allman Bros, with two guitars in the style of Grateful Dead/Allman Bros just like Achilles Wheel, I just want to remind the reedition on the German label NuMusi Records of the famous Boston private cult Walnu Band Go Nuts of 1976, unavailable until now.

Jacques Dersigny

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