Back Thar N' Over Yonder (2013- Atlantic Records)


Buddy Church - guitar
George Hughen - bass & background vocals
Hal McCormack - guitar
Harvey Jett - guitar & vocals
Jim "Dandy" Mangrum - lead vocals, acoustic guitar & washboard
Jimmy Henderson - guitar
Johnnie Bolin - drums & percussion
Lynn Mangrum - background vocals
Pat Daugherty - bass & abckground vocals
Ricky Lee Reynolds - guitar, piano & background vocals
Stanley "Goober Grin" Knight - guitar, piano & background vocals
Tommy Aldridge - drums & percussion


01 - Plugged In And Wired [2013 Reunion] - 4:14
02 - Sweet Delta Water [2013 Reunion] - 4:08
03 - 15 Million Light Years Away [2013 Reunion] - 6:26
04 - I Ain't Poor [2013 Reunion] - 4:12
05 - I Shall Be Released [2013 Reunion] - 4:59
06 - Gigilo [1972 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 3:02
07 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [1972 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 3:15
08 - Hot Rod [1972 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 3:09
09 - The Snake [1974 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 2:33
10 - Legal I.D. [1974 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 3:25
11 - Jim Dandy [1973 Remastered Original Studio Vocal] - 2:45
12 - Dance To The Music [1973 Unreleased Studio Recording] - 2:20
13 - Evil Lady [1972 Unreleased Studio Vesion] - 2:40
14 - Summer Swing [1973 Unreleased Studio Version] - 2:54
15 - Up, Up, Up [1972 Unreleased Studio Version] - 6:27

I'm really happy to find back these two famous musicians Black Oak Arkansas 'Jim Dandy and Rickie Lee Reynolds. This band is a legend of Southern Rock and is back on ATCO, their 1971 label that issued their first albums. These times are now back with Back Thar N' Over Yonder, with recordings that belonged to Tom Dowd on Unreleased Studio and the songs "Gigilo", "Hot Rod" and a crazy "Up up up" close to the Stones' "Satisfaction" better than the original Jim Dandy's version with much guitars everywhere.

Here five new songs from Black Oak with Johnnie, Tommy Bolin's brother, on drums, a new guitarist Hall McCormack (who was on the Deep South project in 2006 with Jimmy Hall, Chris Hicks, Artimus Pyle and Robert Nix), and with the "old" Pat Daugherty on bass, Jimmie Henderson and Ricky Lee Reynolds on guitars and the special voice of Jim Dandy who give a special atmosphere on the great "Plugged In and Wired". Then we get the nice ballad "Sweet Delta Water" of Judge parker where Jim dandy's voice is perfect, some classical Black Oak on "15 Million Light Years Away" and heavier on "I ain't Poor", a big moment on Bob Dylan's cover "I shall be released", an old song quite unknown. Black Oak gives a new chance to that song! If you want more, you should buy the DeLuxe edition of Back Thar N' Over Yonder, to get four other songs including the 2013 instrumental "G Wiz" and the 1971 demo of "Keep the Faith".

Just wish them good luck for a new album on ATCO that could already be signed. Let's just say to Jim Dandy this famous Proudhon's sentence : The highest society perfection is in the union of order and anarchy.

Jacques Dersigny

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