Blessed Be the Bad Ones (2013)


Dallas Moore : Chant, Guitar, Mandolin

Michelle D'Amico : Percussions

Miss Heather : Choirs, Percussions

Chuck Morpurgo : Guitar, Guitar acoustic, Guitar 12 cords, Slide guitar

Mike Owens : Choirs, harmonica

Rocky Parnell : drums

Bob Rutherford : Guitar, Choirs


01 Blessed Be the Bad Ones
02 Somethin' Changed
03 Where You Gonna Be When I'm Gone
04 Slippin' and Slidin'
05 Texas Tornado
06 Condemned Behind the Wall
07 Dirty Rotten Filthy
08 Carolina Sunshine
09 All of Those Good Times
10 Crazy Again
11 The Ballad of Sweet Marie
12 Last Man Standin'

"Blessed be the bad ones" the album title shows the way, we are in Texas, in a bar where it's better not to be a stranger. Our guys have listened to their classic (Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe) but also Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and the Allman Brothers Band.

A little bit of mandolin, some blue grass touch and that's all.

They play three hundreds shows every year, musicians know the job and can figure to every situation. We can hear their mature way to play and to arrange their songs. That's why we have a typical blue grass song "Texas Tornado" and heavier song such as "Where you gonna be when I'm gone" with Dalls Moore voice that seems to have eaten all the desert sand and drank liters of Bourbon. Chuck Morpurgo is excellent on the guitar dans the slide.

There are also some nice ballads like "Carolina Sunshine", a deep South from New Orleans to Tennessee song, a story of the journey of a man.

At the end we get a record not particularly original, but we cans listen to with a lot of pleasure, and that gives us the wish to go on the roads of the deep South with the sound of the guitars and the country music.

Michel Bertelle

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