Same (2014)


1 Runnian
2 Wasting Time
3 Go to the City
4 Change
5 Ride On
6 Memories
7 The Reason
8 Outlaw
9 Sears
10 Somebody Came
11 Grip in Hand
12 Mexico

After the wonderful "I believe in your lovin'" of the Czech republic band Sweet Pain, here's a new band from Hungary called Asphalt Horsemen. That's a heavy Southern Rock boogie. Those who enjoy Black Stone Cherry, Little Caesar, The Four Horsemen, Zakk Wylde Black Label Society, Ean Evans Noon, Soundtruck from Greece will enjoy these twelve songs. The album begins with "Runnian" on a heavy sound behind sharp guitars. Then "Wasting Time" that is a nice song with a good slide guitar. Let's start again on "Go To The City" and "Change". Motorcycle sounds start a hard "Ride On", just before the good "Memories", a deep crawling boogie with a harmonica in a skynyrd way with guitars duets. That's heavy! It's the same on "The Reason", and then, incredible we can hear birds' songs to begin "Outlaw". This quiet moment ends quickly and back to the wonderful "Sears" with double guitars solos and the great vocals sung by Karoly Lorincz who has a clear and powerful voice used to drink the Hungary alcohol Palinka. "Mexico" closes the album, a kind of Mexican metal song with a great charisma. We can also listen to a mariachi trumpet behind the guitars.

Jacques Dersigny

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