Silent Roar (2014)


1 Bad Rock
2 One Nation
3 What Wouldn’t Jesus Do
4 Man on a Mission
5 Silent Roar
6 Dallas
7 Stella Rose
8 Outlaw No More
9 Nothing
10 Airwaves
11 Ever Know
12 Burn

Here's a man close to God, with his unique musical universe. On this third album, Silent Roar, twelve songs, all as good as the others, have been prepared by Billy Crain, a multi-instruments player and great composer. Silent Roar opens on "Bad Rock", a little Southern Rock boogie bomb where Billy's guitar is a kind of hurricane that takes all on his passage. Then arrives "One Nation" where Billy talks to the President on a heavy rhythm. « What Wouldn't Jesus Do » follows but « Man On a Mission » is special with an Indian sound played by taba and sitar. Billy surprises us again on "Silent Roar" with an accordion introduction and a special way of singing. Guitar parts are superb, just as on the fast "Dallas". Songs are totally under control, with not any mistake on « Stella Rose », « Outlaw No More », « Nothing, Airwaves ». This album is a real success! It is really new with many different ideas, Southern Rock mixed to alternative Country Folk, World Music or Celtic music on the same album. Congratulations Mr. Billy Crain!

Jacques Dersigny

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