Live at The Music Ranch (DVD – 2014)

It's rare enough to be said, Tommy Talton and his band has issued a new DVD recorded live in Lakeland FL the 23rd February of 2013. It's important because he is a great man of Southern Music with his famous voice and his guitar that can play Country Rock, the Blues, Soul Music with his old brother in arm Scott Boyer and his Capricorn Rhythm Section. Scott Boyer is not present on this DVD but Walter Andrew is good enough with his guitar and his steel guitar all along the show where there are many songs of his last album "Let's Gotta Outta Here". After a short slide opening, we can listen to the famous soul sound with the help of a saxophone and a trumpet, a little bit just like Eddie Hinton do. Tommy Talton shows all his gifts with his slide guitar on "How can People act like that" and in a duet with his pal Walter Andrews on "You can't argues with Love". Those who enjoy the cowboy sound will be happy with "Dreams last Night" and "Half of What she is" where Tommy plays his acoustic guitar, and on two DVD bonus songs recorded in Daytona FL the 22nd February 2013, "Someone Else Shoes" and especially "Where can you go", longer than the original song on the LP Boyer and Talton issued on Capricorn Records in 1974. So now, it's up to you; just get a beer and enjoy this DVD!

Jacques Dersigny

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