Bound For Glory (Full Armor)


Chris Anderson - guitar & vocals
Doug Jones - guitar, harmonica & vocals
Russell Gulley - guitar & vocals
Maz Mitrenko - guitar
Dennis Gulley - bass & vocals
Daryl Burgess - drums
Johnny Neel - keyboards, harmonica & vocals
Joanna Cotton - background vocals
Shelly Case - background vocals
Glenn Kaiser - guitar & vocals
Rory Montroy - bass
Ed Bialach - drums
Mudcat - guitar & vocals
Shannon Kirk - bass
Eskil Wetterqvist - drums
Chad Mason - piano
Lil' Joe Burton - trombone
Larry Howard - guitar & vocals
Charlie Hayward - bass
Jimmy Nalls - dobro


01 - Dusty King Snake - 4:11
02 - Crossroads - 5:10
03 - I Wanna Be Ready - 4:10
04 - John The Revelator - 3:55
05 - Real Miracle Man - 5:16
06 - This Train - 3:59
07 - Since I Laid My Burden Burdens Down - 3:30
08 - No Holds Barred - 4:42
09 - The River - 2:37
10 - Still Got Time - 4:15

Here’s a very interesting compilation. Dusty King James, produced by Chris Anderson and Doug Jones, has been recorded in Ashland, Tennessee. King James is the name of the first bible translated in English in 1611 in the United Kingdom, so this project is a lot about God but can be heard by anybody with its musical qualities and the gift of the musicians of this Southern Blues adventure. Names such as Chris Anderson, Jimmy Nalls and Larry Howard make guitars sing. Brothers Russell and Dennis Gulley, from Jackson Highway, and Johnny Neel are also present with some other less known musicians such as Glenn Kaiser, Maz Mitrenko and the revelation Mark Bush. Now you know, this old musical bible begins with the Allman-style "Dusty King James" written by Mark Bush and Doug Jones, sung by Mark Bush with his voice full of emotion and female vocals behind. Then back on the road to meet the devil on Robert Johnson famous "Crossroads", and a gospel song "Wanna Be Ready". And now arrive two famous musicians, Russell Gulley on "John the Revelator" and the ex-Grinderswitch Larry Howard on "Real Miracle Man", already recorded in 1997 on the album "American Roots". Johnny Neel arrives on the funny "This Train" written by Woody Guthrie.

For the other songs, you have to change your religion to discover some really good boogie woogie blues played by Maz Mitrenko. Mark Bush closes that holy book on the magnetic "Still Got Time", a bell announces the end of the album.

Jacques Dersigny


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