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( EP : 2014 disponible ici )

Titles :

1 Little Missy

2 Snake Bite

3 I’m A Man

4 Blind Man

5 Hard Luck

6 Rise of The Rebel

This EP of the band from Alabama is in the same vein that their 2012 album (That Gonna Leave A Mark) with the same musicians: Ted Amberson (vocals-guitar) Luke Baggett on bass and Chris Baggett on drums, the famous guitar soloist Michael Baggett sons. We can hear it as soon as arrives the first song "Little Missy", that's real classical Southern Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd era. Snake Bite, between Skynyrd and Hatchet, will bite you until you bleed! And after a quiet I'm a Man, there comes a real great song Blind Man that goes faster and faster with guitars duets for our happiness. This song is close to what did Jimmie Van Zant on his 2000 solo album. Then another mid-tempo on Hard Luck that finds its inspiration in Hughie Thomasson's Outlaws. Rise of the Rebel, the last song, is a classical Southern Boogie. We get here a real classical Southern band that plays a kind of good old school southern rock. With the Florida musician Christopher Satterfield, I don't really know other bands that play this kind of music close to our roots. Southern Rock will never die.

Jacques Dersigny

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