1 poing c'est tout ! (2014)

Musicians :

Sophie Huardel, Basse

Morgan Vaucaire, Rhythm Guitar & Lead Guitar

Raynald Houzé, Rhythm Guitar

Neness Hervé, Lead Guitar

Christophe Gray, Drums

Bruce Valluet, Vocals & Harmonica


1 Ain’t Leavin Your Love

2 Red Nekkid

3 Fortunate Son

4 I’m Not Your Man

5 Kenny At The Corner

6 Move It On Over

7 Talked Myself Right Into It

Whatever can be said, Southern Rock in France in still alive and well, as we can see with Truckers, Back Roads and Oncle jack. Here arrives Redneck from Saint Dizier in the East of France. From this city lived a long time ago the famous Bacchus band that already played in 1973 and issued an album in 1982! Redneck offers us a seven title-album, seven well chosen covers that begin with Townes van Zandt "Ain't Leavin' your Love". Redneck plays it fast with good guitar parts and the roots voice of Bruce Valluet. His harmonica appears on Flynnville Train "Red Nekkid", song played by the Bootleggers in 2012 on Heart of Dixie.

Redneck plays also Hank Williams "Move it on Over". Creedence "Fortunate Son" is also in the party, and that goes faster on "I'm not your man", a Chris Gates song less known than Hurriganes "Kenny at the Corner". Redneck ends this album with Skynyrd "Talked myself right into it" that was on 1997 album Twenty.

Redneck plays a dry kind of Rock n' Roll played with rage, a good young band that can become famous with Raynald and Neness Houzé on guitars, Morgan Vaucaire on guitar, Christophe Gray on drums, Bruce Valluet on vocals and harmonica dans Sophie Huardel on bass guitar. Let's hope Redneck can play a long time and create a new album with their own songs. Redneck is a famous name written on Skynyrd first album and on Danny Joe Brown tee-shirt. Bacchus did it in 1980, let's hope the best for Redneck!

Jacques Dersigny

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