A Long Way Back Again (EP 2014)

A Long Way Back Again
Heart's Gone Crazy
Huntin' For Fun
Fire In Muskogee 2013

Mark Jackson: Vocals
Jon Brown: Bass/Vocals
Chris Borsberry: Guitars/Vocals
Steve Gough : Guitar
Eric Lavansch : Drums

First, we must try to understand. Take care, sometimes it's hard! For those who still don't know Medicine Hat, it's a wonderful southern band with Mark Jackson from new Zealand on vocals and, until 2012, English musicians including the producer and guitarist Steve Loveday. Their two firsts albums have been a shock when they have been issued and we already talk about them here on RTJ. Remember the incredible shows in Charmont and La Chapelle Saint Luc in France. A real happiness! But 2012 show has been the last one, because Mark Jackson staying most of his time in the USA where he lives, rehearsals have been impossible. So Garry "Jim" Bowler and Laurie Dalziel followed Mark "Dusty" Wright in Dirty Lions, an original classic rock project, and Steve Loveday went back to his producer job and some harder music sounds. Mark Jackson has created another Medicine hat combo in the USA with the guitarist and producer Chris Borsberry and other American musicians, including Jon Brown who played the bass guitar in their first group twenty years ago...
The new Medicine Hat is very close to the old one, with a great opposition of style between the two guitar players. However, the new band is obliged to play the old one's songs... and Mark Jackson has always the same incredible voice and the sense of musical creation. That's why the new band is a logical and natural prolongation of the old one, even if the new guitarist has a different style than Steve Loveday.
We are happy to find this musical fusion with different styles and this kind of sound maelstrom that seems to characterize Medicine Hat. With these four songs (even the ballad "Heart's Gone Crazy"), the band says it's still alive and well : Medicine Hat is back, for our ears pleasure. Hello people, the musical hurricane is not dead, it's back, always so moving and full of passion, but there's a big frustration : why only four songs, that's not enough! So when does Medicine Hat will give us a real twelve song album with titles as good as these ones ? Mark, please another effort, if you have other songs you have to give them to us. Waiting for this great moment, just buy this incredible four-song album, you won't regret it!
Yves Philippot-Degand

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