Magical Way (2014)

A real nice album, this Magical Way with twelve songs created by Oncle Jack, French musicians from Toulouse. This band has two guitar players, one bass player, a drummer and Alain Chopo on vocals and harmonica. Alain Chopo is very famous in Toulouse area, and his band is now known by a lot of music fan in the South of France. This album offers us eight cover songs and four creations. Beatles' "Come Together" opens the cd just before their own "Magical Way", some good Southern Rock. Skynyrd is present with "Last of a Dyin' Breed", a good cover especially with the slide guitar, just before a new song called "Blues Music to Share". Clash "London Calling" in a very strange cover arrives next, just before a new Skynyrd cover "Nothing comes easy" from their last cd.

We get now two southern compositions of the band, "Being Away" and a great "Take my Hand". It seems, when we listen to these songs that we are in the swamps and that the Garonne river is in fact the Mississippi. Then a really incredible cover of Smith and Harley's "Live to Ride" issued in 2005, as good as Montgomery Gentry in my own opinion. Oncle Jack changes this "Live to Ride" in a kind of Southern Boogie that you have to listen to! Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" cover is close to Doc Holliday, just as good as their cover of Blackfoot's "Train Train". In a kind of conclusion, they play Doors' "L.A. Woman" cover, in a kind of Southern way. Now, as we could see on their four compositions, we wait for a real Oncle Jack album with 100% of their own creations.

Jacques Dersigny

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