Paydirt (2014)

Musicians :
Ronnie Riddle - lead vocals
Marty Hill - guitar, slide & dobro
Michael Gilbert - guitar & slide
Josh Sanders - bass & vocals
Johnny Webb - keyboards
Mark Hill - drums & vocals

Titles :
01 - Day Late - 3:16
02 - Meet My Maker - 4:08
03 - Shreveport Stomp - 0:47
04 - Louisiana Dog - 4:01
05 - And Then Some - 3:34
06 - Me And Mine - 4:32
07 - Walk It Dry - 3:42
08 - Hand On The Bible - 4:37
09 - Place To Be - 3:48
10 - Swimmin' Hole - 4:37
11 - All You Know - 3:40

This band from North Carolina is in the new Southern Rock wave. They were on the Simple Man cruise and they will be present at the Daytona Bike Week 2014. Preacher Stones boys offer us here their third album, they are not freshmen anymore.
This new album begins with "Day Late" a kind of Southern Hard Rock a little bit like the new Lynyrd Skynyrd. It could have been written by Rickey Medlocke himself.
"Meet my Maker" is a Southern Country Soul song, and goes right to our hearts.
"Shreveport Stomp" with its dobro is the introduction to "Louisiana Dog", a Doc Holliday rock style with some New Country vocals, and finish in a storm just like "Cotton Eye Joe".
"And Then Some" gets its organ solo, and "Me and Mine" is harder than what it seems at the beginning : there are mid tempos and an acceleration for the refrains, with southern guitar solos.
"Walk It Dry" organ intro shows that the organ player has listened to Jon Lord and Eddie Stone. And it looks like Deep Purple, even if the guitar solo is not so good. Everybody can't be Ritchie Blackmore!
"Hand on the Bible" is a beautiful ballad and the best song of the record (for me). It looks like Skynyrd in 1997-2003.
"Place to Be" is a funky Southern Rock song, a little bit in the Allman Brothers style. We can listen to Dickey Betts influence on the two guitars solos. And the organ work brings another dimension to that song. So, that's, for me, the second best song of the album.
"Swimmin' Hole" is in the swamp rock style, and reminds of youth souvenirs and Lynyrd Skynyrd : "I met a brown-eyed beauty down by the swimmin' hole. With a blanket and a bottle and Skynyrd on the radio. We took it slow."
"All You Know" is another ballad that will be good to be heard on the long winding roads when the sun goes down. However it's a charming song, very sweet.
Preacher Stone offers us a powerful album. The singer has a good voice for Southern Rock and Country music. The two guitarists are full of power and joy. The keyboards player has a good level and all the musicians have a coherence in their music, even if we can regret that guitars are too much behind on the recordings. So, some young musicians try to keep the flame. Let's encourage them! Keep on rockin' boys!
Olivier Aubry

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