Live in Germany (2013)

Titles :

01 - Fired up!
02 - Hurts My Heart
03 - Gotta Keep Rockin'
04 - Moonlight Over The Mississippi
05 - Left My Heart In Memphis
06 - Fire On The Mountain
07 - Band Introductions
08 - Ways About You
09 - Sweet Jelly Donut
10 - New Horizons
11 - All Around The World
12 - Gimme Shelter

01 - Fired Up!
02 - Hurts My Heart
03 - Gotta Keep Rockin'
04 - Moonlight Over The Mississippi
05 - Left My Heart In Memphis
06 - Fire On The Mountain
07 - Ways About You
08 - Sweet Jelly Donut
09 - New Horizons
10 - All Around The World
11 - Sweet Little Angel
12 - Gimme Shelter

I have a Love Story with this group.

It began in April 2012 in New Orleans where I bought their album and saw them live at the Republic Club during the Jazz Fest. One only hour of show, but one hour of happiness because of the discovery, the music beauty, the melting pot of the musicians. 7Walkers show, with Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman just after the Royal Southern Brotherhood show, seems less good than this support band, especially on their covers of "Fire on the Mountain".

Back in Europe, their studio album is good, but not great. My friends just say they really don't enjoy this kind of boring music. Whatever they say, I went to and enjoyed three other shows of this Brotherhood, in Maggia, Paris and Cahors.

But this record will show how good they are.

The band plays their own compositions, in a harder way, and a long version of "Fire on the Mountain" where musicians can really express their sensibility.

Devon Allman, Greg's son and Duane's nephew, plays just like... Dickey Betts, the other guitar player of the famous ABB. Mike Zito plays in a blues style and is great with his slide guitar. Cyril Neville brings his groove, famous on the Neville Brothers albums. This man already played on Dylan's albums and as support guest of the Rolling Stones ; and here, with younger musicians, he is really great on percussions and on vocals.

Yonrico Scott is powerful on the drums, just like Charlie Wotton on bass guitar.

This cd is sold with the concert dvd that allows us to see the scene presence and the strength of all the musicians.

Let's note a powerful cover of "Gimme Shelter". In 2013, they have played all the songs of "Exile on Main Street".

This band is great on stage, and after a two-year tour in the USA and in Europe, musicians are closer than ever and everyone has found his place, especially the guitar players. On one show, Mike is more present, and the following day it's the contrary, Devon gets the lead, that's why every show is different even if they don't really change their set-list.

This cocktail of New Orleans Southern Rock, Blues Rock and funk is unique and allows the band to capture many different Southern musical cultures, technical abilities of every musician being at the top.

Great band, great album that shows how good they are on stage, and if you can see them in concert, just run, you won't be disappointed.

Michel Bertelle

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