Freedom Isn’t Free (2013)

This cd begins well. First the sleeve is beautiful, two guitars, one Les Paul and one Flying V, with a Stetson hat and some flames with the rebel and the American flags. Singer wears a hat and a Harley Davidson logo. This band comes from Tampa (Florida), Tommy Roxx and Big Deal is in fact the fusion of three local bands : Diamond Gray, Big Deal and Rebel Pride.

On their Internet website, Tommy Roxx musicians definite themselves as a Rock n' Roll and Southern Rock cover band for motorcycles gatherings (they played at Daytona's Boot Hill saloon) and rock events. They need to be paid! But when they can do it, they create their own album with their own songs. And what about this cd ? It is just what we expected. "Unleash the Freak" begins with its Southern Boogie style and its Stratocaster and Slide duet. "Little Girl O' Mine" brings us close to Black Oak Arkansas and the Kentucky Headhunters.

The band tries a little hard Southern Rock on "Or what ?". The solo is good even if it is not really original.

"Freedom isn't Free" is the real bikers rock song. Freedom will never die. It looks a little bit like today's Skynyrd. The American anthem ends the song.

"Two Girls kissin'" with a big bass sound talks about love between women, and seems to be very hot! Singer talks about Madonna and Britney Spears kiss. It's funny and brings good power riffs.

"I Wanna Do Everything" Joe Tex's cover is a great Blues Rock perfect for the Stratocasters solos.

"I Cried Myself to Sleep" is a slow blues, a real Southern blues moment.

"You Were the One" begins with just one piano and ends on "Who In The Hell" a hot Southern Blues Rock.

So we get here a good and honest cd that smells good Florida but won't be a revolution in the Southern Rock world, how classical sounds this album. But, after all, that's what we like!

Tradition is good!

Olivier Aubry

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