Early Morning Shakes (Miggy Trump Records - 2013)

Gary Brown: Bass Guitar
Cody Tate: Lead Guitar
Cody Cannon, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Jeffers, Lead Guitar
Jeff Hogg, Drums

01 Early Morning Shakes
02 Hard Bow To Hoe
03 Dogwood
04 Shelter From The Rain
05 Home
06 The Headstone
07 Here The Sun Don’t Shine
08 Reckoning
09 Wild Baby Shake Me
10 Lightning
11 Need a Little Time Off For Bad Behaviour
12 Colloquy

This band from Texas presents his third album, the second one having reached the Billboard Top Country Albums Top 30. With a singer playing the acoustic guitar, and two other solo guitarists, we just have here a band with three guitars and great harmonies.
This record gets some mid tempo Rock Blues songs, with a little new Skynyrd touch, like "Early Morning Shakes", "Home" or "Wild baby Shake Me". We also get some Southern Rock songs, such as "Hard Roe to Hoe" (with female choir and a wa-wa pedal solo) or "Headstone" with beautiful guitar choruses.
Just forget "Lightning, a heavy and slow not interesting song. But it's not the same on "Dogwood", a melancholic country title with a crying slide guitar.
"Shelter From the Rain" is also a kind of New Country song with its steel pedal guitar and a nice guitar solo.
"Where the Sun don't Shine" sounds Southern Rock and is close to Charlie Daniels' "Wooley Swamp".
"Reckoning" is THE Southern ballad and reminds us of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Lucky Man". A very good moment!
"Need a Little Time Off for Bad Behaviour" is a good country title with harmonica, steel guitar and honky tonk slide.
This record ends on "Colloquy", an acoustic ballad played on an acoustic guitar, on piano and a violin. A great moment for sunsets. Then guitar harmonies arrive, just before the final solo that is incredibly moving. For me, it's the second best song of the album.
Whiskey Myers just gave us a honest and compact album. I find that these musicians are better on the country songs than on the Rock Blues one that have a lack of originality... in my own opinion! That's an old man opinion!
Olivier Aubry

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