Confession With The Devil (2014)

This is this old pirate third album, built with a kind of logic even if it is not a concept album. I think that this band doesn't play Southern Rock, but some kind of Rock/Hard/Blues with Southern influences (especially guitars' solos). Obviously, Elias has joined the Southern flag on his album, but in my opinion it is for other reasons. Maybe to look like a rebel against the order or stupidity (as told Ed king, I don't like the words Southern flag, I prefer Rebel flag). However, his last album worth the time to listen to it.

It begins with "Guns n' ammo" and its AC/DC intro. Then, it goes faster and Elias talks about Alamo. It's a kind of hard Rock and Southern Rock mix. "Back on the Road" talks about life on tour (« we drink all day and we rock n’ roll all night »). AC/DC style "Retribution" is good enough, but breaks are not good enough, Elias could have done better! But the interesting increase and the guitar solo are good enough.

"Word on the Street" is a good Classic Rock song, with a good guitar solo. I enjoy "Hi Jacked" with its slide intro, and particular words behind, just before it becomes a good rock blues song just like Dr Feelgood's. Harmonica solo is nice and the guitarist takes some good time. If Elias choose it, this song will be great on stage! "Never say die" is a good composition; it 's kind of Southern ballad that goes faster and faster to become a hard-rock song. Guitars are great.

"Sold my Soul to the Devils" intro (acoustic guitar and harmonica) is great and shows its Texan influences. Guitar solo is wonderful, nice job! Back to the Hard Rock country on the two following songs: First "Dead Man Walking", just like Judas Priest, in a mid-tempo way; then, "Catcher in the Rye"(a killer solo!) that talks about a cursed book. Don't read it or a devil will catch you ("Don't read The Catcher in the Rye").

This album ends with "Satan's train" that begins just like a Blues song, talking about a Texan sunny afternoon, and finish in an ultra speed song. Guitar player is great again!

Elias T.Höth offers us a good album with four good songs (« Hi jacked », « Never say die », « Sold my soul to the devil » et « Satan’s train »). Even Elias' voice is good enough on most of the songs. And the guitar player is a crazy and incredibly gifted musician.

So, this ain't the record of the year, but we do enjoy it more and more. Is it a bewitched album?

Olivier Aubry

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