You Are Here (2014)


Tim Amberson: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Michael Baggett: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Luke Baggett, Bass Guitar, Guitars

Chris Baggett, Drums, Vocals, Slide Guitar


1 Little Missy

2 Snake Bite

3 I’m A Man

4 Blind Man

5 Hard Luck

6 Rise of The Rebel

First original thing about this band is that the guitar player Michael Baggett has brought his two sons in this adventure, one at the bass guitar, the other at the drums. Ted Amberson on guitar joined them. Second particularity, this band comes from Alabama. There are many good bands in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, but so many in Alabama. So when a band from Alabama presents a new record, we do listen to it, even if we only get six songs here.

"Little Missy" is a heavy rock song with guitars just like Point Blank. With "Snake Bite" we only can think about Molly Hatchet. But it is played in their particular way, nicely. "I'm a Man" is a Southern Blues Rock, what a great maturity and a beautiful solo.

"Blind Man" is in the famous southern tradition: a slow beginning then it goes faster with exchange of solos at a high level. Guitar fans will sure enjoy! We get the better with "Hard Luck" that looks a little bit like the Outlaws' "Green Grass and High Tides". It's my favourite song of the album.

Good finish on "Rise of the Rebel", a very good fast Southern Rock. Guitars will sure make you shiver... if you are still alive. Musicians have won the game. Don't look for them, they have changed their name; now they are The Dixie Kin Band. But they are still so good!

These guys told us, here it's Alabama. No prisoners! These guys shoot as fast as Quantrill or Bloody Bill Anderson. Good job! No doubt, you're in Alabama! Welcome!

Olivier Aubry

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