Same (2014)


Istvan Bencsik: Drums

Karoly Lorincz: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Geza Matyasovszki: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Balazs Megyesin: Bass


01 Runman

02 Wasting Time

03 Go to the City

04 Change

05 Ride On

06 Memories

07 The Reason

08 Outlaw

09 Sears

10 Somebody Came

11 Grip in Hand

12 Mexico

It could have been easy to tell that Southern Rock future is Europe. In fact, after Sweet Pain from the Czech Republic and Soundtruck from Greece, Asphalt Horsemen from Hungary arrives today in the Southern Rock catalogue. But is it really Southern Rock? They were Lynyrd Skynyrd support band, but also for Pride and Glory, Black Stone Cherry and Uriah Heep… and offer us today a wonderful heavy Rock album. Only some songs can be enjoyed by Southern Rock die-hard fans. After a speed "Runman" arrives "Wasted Time" which is, I think, the best song of the album, a kind of mix between the Four Horsemen and Little Caesar, and then "Go to the City" and "Change" are in the same way. "Ride On" will sure be a hymn played live before a real Southern song "Memories", swamp ambiance and a heavy final. "The Reason" and "Outlaw" stay in the same but heavier spirit before "Sears" which is a great song too. It becomes quieter but always good on "Somebody came", and they finish on "Mexico" which could have been on an old ZZ Top album! When we read their set-lists, we can see they play "Still Unbroken" and "Sweet Home Alabama": so is it a new Southern band or the future great Southern band? However, they are right in today's music, heavy but good.

Christophe Marquis

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