In The Middle of The Dirt Road (2014)


Jack Walker Jr : Drums / Keyboards

Ron Lands : Banjo / Steel Guitar

Tracy Hosey : Backing Vocals

Jack Walker : Guitar/ Vocals


01 Save The Drama For Yo Mama

02 Big Crazy Woman Blues

03 Jokers and Jacks

04 Fallins for You Hard

05 Middle of The Dirt Road

06 Landins / Nuclear

07 Jesus or My Dog

08 Make Yo Stand

09 Black Jack Mountain

10 Atv

11White Thans

As we can see his name, this band is from Georgia and that's their third record. Their music is a mix of Southern Rock and Country Music. That's good, but is it real?

"Save the Drama for your Mama" is good and the guitar solo is great. "Big Crazy Woman Blues" could be a hit in the honky tonk bars if the guitar and slide solos were not so easy. "Jokers and Jacks" is as heavy as good, but the guitar style seems to be played by a freshman. It's the same on "Falling for you hard", but he's better on "Middle of the dirt Road", a slow Southern blues rock. "Nuclear" against nuclear weapons is an interesting ballad and the guitar sound is clear. It's pity that the intro is too heavy. The very beautiful country ballad "Jesus or my Dog" is the best song of the album. Singer asks to his girlfriend if she could love him as much as Jesus or his dog. There also a good pedal steel solo. Congratulations! "Make Yo Stand" is really too much heavy and brings nothing more. "Black Jack Mountain" in the Southern rock style could be a good song if the guitar player be better. Happily the pedal steel is good and we get an Indian song at the end. And the very heavy "White Thang" that talks about a hunting story, it could be used in a Rob Zombie horror movie. So Georgia Possum musicians say themselves they just are Southern guys who enjoy fun and good time, with good music, bikes, girls and happiness. It's funny, even fresh. Lyrics are funny or serious too, and heavy and compact sound brings a touch of authenticity. But it's not enough to hide the lacks of production and the mistakes of mix (drums too clear). And I think we could expect better guitar solos, especially with a band who wants to play Southern music and who produced his third album. Sometimes it's really not professional at all. To love good music is one thing, to play it is another thing.

As my maths teacher used to say: "You can do better!"

Olivier Aubry

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