SCO-MULE with John Scofield (2014)


Warren Haynes - guitar
John Scofield - guitar
Allen Woody - bass
Matt Abts - drums

Additional musicians :
Jimmy Herring - guitar
Mike Barnes – guitar


CD1 :
1 - Hottentot
2 - Tom Thumb
3 - Doing It To Death
4 - Birth of the Mule
5 - Sco-Mule
6 - Kind of Bird

CD2 :
1 - Pass The Peas
2 - Devil Likes It Slow
3 - Hottentot (alternate version)
4 - Kind Of Bird (alternate version)
5 - Afro Blue

Since 1999, the Mule and Warren Haynes fans waited for these two rare shows with John Scofield (a famous jazz rock guitar master) and the missing Allen Woody on bass guitar. Now we get them. We get here two hours and a half of great music, I'm going to be as concise as possible. This double album is for mister Haynes fans, and for jazz-rock and long guitar solos fans. Here we get the technical and the feeling. Each song is about fifteen minutes long and Warren Haynes and John Scofield are genius in improvisation and Jazz, Rock and Blues mix. So the groovy funky jazz-rock song "Hottentot" is happiness for our ears. Guitar duets on "Tom Thumb" are great and "Birth of the Mule" with its slide intro is close to Sea Level's Southern jazz-rock. On this song, Warren Haynes offers us a demonstration of slide guitar. On "Sco-Mule", Warren and John solos have to be heard even once in a lifetime! "King of Bird" brings us to the Allman Brothers long jams and Warren Haynes proves again how gifted he is. Don't forget "Afro Blues" with its two-guitar theme and wonderful solos.

"Pass the Peas" and "Devil Likes it Slow" are close to jazz-rock. And we are happy to get a second version of "Hottentot" and "King of Bird" from the second show.

These records are for real Gov't Mule fans and music lovers. For the other people maybe they can seem a little bit boring.

However, these records are a real witness of what gifted musicians at the top of their career can do ; and with the presence of the famous Allen Woody and his magical bass guitar.

Music from the heart!

Olivier Aubry

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