Shine for all The People (2014)

Mike Farris, Screamin' Cheetah Willies singer, last album is for inspired people. That's the last command of the God of Rock n' Roll. Because this album has a Christian Soul inspiration and reminds me of what did Mylon Lefevre some years ago. But wait, don't leave! Production is perfect and this son of Tennessee voice is exceptional. But it's a fact, here we have soul music, as we can listen on the first song "River Jordan" with horns, an organ and a trumpet. "Sparrow" is full of gospel in the Dixieland jazz tradition. But "Mercy Now" is a wonderful ballad with choruses. "Real Fine Day" is a swing in the Motown style and a discrete guitar. "The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow", with a piano and gospel choruses, shows how good is Mike's voice. "Power of Love" reminds me of James Brown. A guitar solo is missing here, that could have been perfect.

"Something Keeps Telling Me" is a soul and medium song who talks to my heart, but I 'd have preferred a guitar solo instead of violins. "Hon It Feels To Be Free" is a swing song. Mike Farris makes a cover of "This Little Light Of Mine" in a gospel/soul style. Maybe it's good on religion TV, but here... But, at the end, we get a good organ solo and a good guitar solo that bring that song in another dimension. At the end we got one!

Mike Farris gave us a record with excellent songs about good will and faith. Just look at the titles... But South is also that: Christian faith on music. This CD is good with great arrangements for Mike Farris wonderful voice. It's pity that the guitar is really too much discrete. He could have been a real miracle.

Olivier Aubry

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