Une nuit en enfer (2014)


01 J’Kill

02 Une Feuille Blanche

03 Honey

04 Viktor

05 Irish Rodeo

06 Le dollar est mon drapeau

07 Près de Glasgow

08 Je n’ai pas pris le temps de vivre

09 Emportés à tout jamais

10 De Sang froid

11 Tout est fini

12 Le sang va couler

13 Une nuit en enfer

Peter Alexander band is a famous group in France since their first album Live in Tousson in 1990 with their famous song "Marions Nous Guitare" and the Outlaws "Waterhole" and Skynyrd "Free Bird" covers. Musicians are still present from the beginning to this "Une Nuit En Enfer" (A Night In Hell), where thirteen songs show many different musical styles, Country Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Jazz-Rock and Southern Rock. Southern style has no secrets for the Peter Alexander Band as they play famous covers such as Skynyrd "Down South Jukin'", Point Blank "Free Man" and the Allman "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed". South is back on "J'Kill" and on "Une Feuille Blanche". Then it's different on "Honey" -sung in French by Olivier Lucas- with its blues roots behind heavy guitar parts. Then we get a crazy boogie on "Viktor" just before the instrumental song "Irish Rodeo" a little bit like Dixie Dregs with a Celtic, Bluegrass, Jazz-Rock approach. It's still heavy on "Le Dollar Est Mon Drapeau" and on "Emportés A Tout Jamais", a medium ballad talking about life in the country. René Mirat takes his violin on that song, just before the bluesy song "Tout Est Fini". "Le Sang Va Couler" is a heavy rock song, just before "Une Nuit En Enfer" to close that album, a powerful song full of instrumental craziness, just like great bands can play. Come in this crazy album, out of common ways, a real good different one.

Jacques Dersigny

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