Same (2014)

Musicians :

Carrie Martin : Lead Vocals

Billy Moss : Electric-Acoustic Guitars - (pan-right) Backing Vocals

Adam Reid : Electric-Acoustic Guitars - (pan-left) Backing Vocals

Titles :

1 Back Where I Belong

2 Dark Side of The City

3 Nobody’s Listening

4 Ridin' The Line

5 He Knows

6 This Ain’t Love

7 I Believe in Angels

8 The Cove

9 Can’t Stop Us Now

10 Movin' On

11 Momma

12 The Sun

When Billy Moss, the former Rebel Storm guitarist, creates a new band and makes his first album, we don't hesitate and buy to listen to that cd.

First "Back Where I Belong" looks like Molly Hatchet, and makes us think to Jeff Carlisi. Great! "Dark Side Of The City" is closed to the Marshall Tucker Band with heavy guitars. Wonderful! "Nobody's Listening" is in the same way, but sometimes it's difficult to follow the musical theme, even is solos are really good.

"Ridin' the Line" looks like the first .38 Special with great Southern guitars solos. "He Knows" is a wonderful ballad, just before "This ain't Love" with two good Southern solos. "I Believe In Angels" is another wonderful Southern ballad, and "The Cove" is the weakest song of the album. On "Can't Stop Us Now" just note the beginning and the solo, played like Doc Holliday guitars exchanges. I find that "Movin' On" is too much heavy even if guitar parts are good. "Momma" looks like the seventies, and congratulations for the deep Purple style final solo. We finish with "The Sun" that looks like Henry Paul Band and its guitar fever.

Billy Moss and his singing guitar offer us a good record full of Gibson guitars, wonderful solos, South and the music we love. For me, it's a real Southern album; second guitar player is good, just like the bass-drums section. But what about the voice? I'm not so happy. Billy Moss has invited an old friend called Carrie Martin. It's a particular choice, even if she does what she can. First a female voice is not fit to Southern Rock -except Dale Krantz, Jo Jo Billingsley, Bonnie Bramlett). Then Carrie Martin voice is flat and if it doesn't matter for Classic Rock, it's not good enough for Southern Rock. Sound engineer have brought his voice too much in front of the instruments, and it doesn't seem good. It's a pity because without the voice this album was rather perfect. I personally think that a male singer, just like Danny Joe Brown or Doug Cray, should have done better. Now it's your judgment. This album has good songs and guitars. And that's the most important!

Olivier Aubry

Just after the Moss Brothers Band and Monarch Jubilee, Billy Moss arrives with his Tahoma Souls Alive project, a real pearl full of guitars in the southern way. Moss has found a good guitarist called Adam Reid for great duets. "Back Where I Belong" with its Molly Hatchet intro opens the album. That's special on this album to have a female singer, and Carrie Martin has a good voice. That can also be heard on "Dark Side Of The City" that is close to Rebel Storm "The Hard Way" album. It's the same on "Nobody's Lightning" with wonderful guitar harmonies. Then we get a heavy "Ridin' the Line" boogie, a quieter country rock song with "He Knows", just before a funky style "This Ain't Love". Blues is back on "I Believe in Angels" where Carrie Martin voice is just perfect and beautiful guitar breaks, just before great guitar moments on "The Cove". Others songs are in the same way except "Momma" which is an exceptional song with pure and clear guitars. Swing lesson ends with "The Sun", a great boogie song just like all this album that shines like the sun and should brings you heat.

Rebel Storm is going to play again, and we get here two bands we'd like to see in Europe.

Jacques Dersigny

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